Friday, 23 July 2010

Thats why theyre called Common Sandpipers

A lunchtime visit to Gayhurst Quarry today.
 On Fishing Pit Common Sandpipers seemed to be everywhere. I  would start counting and then another one or two would fly across and land. Now had I already counted these or not. Then a Buzzard and shortly afterwards a Kestrel put everything up into the air...Start again!   After a lot of recounts I am confident there were a minimum of six, probably more, and to confuse it even more there was a single Green Sandpiper in amongst them. Two Oystercatchers and several Lapwings made up the wader numbers.

 On Motorway Pit a lot of the Terns have moved away, although there were some new fluffy chicks, possibly from birds that had failed earlier on the main island. Two Little Egrets stood on the island and one was in the stream, where a Kingfisher shot by.
 Both broods of Swans were present including the two 'Polish' youngsters
 A smart Little Grebe was the only other noteworthy bird.

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