Thursday, 22 July 2010

Migration over Lathbury

 Working at Lathbury today, I had to take cover from the rather heavy showers every now and then. So standing in a Greenhouse I had the chance to survey the skies. Quite a bit went over today so autumn migration has obviously started, but also some obvious local movement.
 First up a Cormorant, then a Little Egret, 3 Common Terns a few Black-headed and Lesser-Black-backed Gulls and then at lunchtime a group of 8 waders had me scrambling for my bins - these turned out to be Black-tailed Godwits on their way south. I put out the news in case they had gone down at Willen, but nothing came back, so I guess they kept going.


  1. Hi Rob - like the fish !
    Guess you saw the email for the 4 Black Wits at Little Marlow this afternoon. Cheers Paul

  2. Yes you can feed them if you like. Just click on the water. Still cant install the clicker. Says it's an illegal code or something

  3. Nice one on the fish.
    We'll talk about the clicker issue soon.
    Cheers Paul