Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New for the garden

In what has been an unbelievable Autumn for the number of Jays arriving on these shores from the Continent, I am very pleased to say that my small garden in Hardmead has not missed out.
 I have seen this particular bird around the village for over a month now and finally he has discovered my birdtable.
 O.K. he doesn't hang around long, just enough time to fill his beak with seed, bread, whatever and off he goes, returning ten minutes or so later after presumably burying his haul.

First one I've ever had in the garden although there have been several flyovers.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Back Wood Funghi

A stroll around Back Wood on Friday failed to produce any of the hoped for Bramblings that seem to be arriving everywhere else in good numbers just recently. The Chaffinch flock is still quite small at the moment but the food is there, so plenty of time yet.
 In fact birding wise it was pretty disappointing, with a few Siskins, a Buzzard   and the usual Goldcrests and Coal Tits being the highlights.
 What I did notice though was that there were lots of Funghi around including a few interesting ones, so this post is dedicated to them.
Everyone's favourite the Fly Agaric
Think this might be Honey Fungus

Shaggy Ink Cap
Puff Ball

The more than a bit rude Stinkhorn.  Note the flies on the cap