Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Our Goosanders are thriving

I decided to go to Olney Mill today to see how the young Goosanders were getting on.
Mike Wallen had seen them from the main bridge over the A509 a couple of weeks ago, so I checked here first. Sure enough the mother and 3 youngsters were present all busily diving for fish. The young birds were now almost as big as mum, so have hopefully got a great chance of survival.
A Kingfisher flew down river as I stood on the bridge and 2 Common Terns were persued by their 2 hungry offspring.

At lunchtime I took a walk down to Ravenstone Sewage Works, to see if any autumn migrants were in yet. Unfortunately not, but a female and a juvenile Grey Wagtail, several Linnets and a small flock of Goldfinches were seen.

At work this afternoon I found this discarded Grass Snake skin. The silver object is a fifty pence piece to give some idea of scale.
I've added this last photo especially for Paul, who a couple of days ago said he hadn't seen a Red Admiral this year. Since then I seem to have seen loads.

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  1. Thanks Rob, I did finally bag my first Red Admiral 3 days after my moan at the lack of sightings. So hopefully that was a good omen?
    Have I mentioned I've not seen any Bottlenose Dolphins (ever) fingers crossed in the next few days.