Sunday, 4 July 2010

Local Farmland

I wasn't inspired enough to visit any of the local birding hotspots (rarely more than lukewarm )  today, so I thought I'd  take a walk around the parish farmland.
 I got off to a great start, I'd hardly left the house when a Kingfisher flashed across the front garden- a garden tick no less.
 The Moorhens on the village pond have now hatched their second brood and with the the first lot still around it's starting to get crowded.
 Taking the footpath towards North Crawley I encountered Red-legged Partridge,several Skylarks and Reed Buntings feeding young in the Oilseed Rape. Whitethroats and Yellowhammers called from the hedgerows and a big surprise was a Hobby sat in a ploughed field amongst the Rooks and Jackdaws.
 Walking back through the Wheat towards the village, at least 4 pairs of Yellow Wagtails were feeding young and Skylarks were in abundance. A Kestrel and the local pair of Buzzards were seen.

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