Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Brief look at Gayhurst

 A quick look in at Gayhurst Quarry after work tonight.
Lapwing numbers are starting to build up around the site, but the pair with at least one youngster are still on Fishing Pit. Drakey Wigeon is still around, a single Oystercatcher flew over and 2 Little Egrets were in the stream. A Hobby flew through to disturb a few Swifts.
 On Motorway Pit I counted 11 Common Tern chicks and it looked like some adults were sitting again.
 An amusing moment involved a female Tufted Duck on the island that had found an abandoned Swan or Goose egg and was trying to tuck it under her feathers to sit on it - how she thought she had laid it I don't know.

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