Saturday, 3 July 2010

Goosanders breeding in Bucks !

Having not seen the Goosanders that had bred near Gayhurst Quarry a couple of years ago, I thought I had better make the effort when a female with three young were reported near Olney Mill.
Having missed them on Wednesday I was more than pleased to find them this lunchtime not 50 yards down from the Mill itself. I didn't have the camera with me then so I popped back tonight. Apparently there were originally six young, but three have disappeared. These other three seemed to be in good health and were fishing actively.
I believe this is only the second reported breeding of Goosanders in the county after the Gayhurst birds. Also around the site a family party of 4 Grey Wagtails, also adult Pied Wagtails with 2 young, 11 Barnacle Geese, a Lapwing, a Common Tern, a Stock Dove and a pair of Mute Swan with three small young.
Earlier in the day I saw a Red Kite over Newton Blossomville

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