Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ravenstone Revisited

I met up with Paul M. at Ravenstone North End first thing this morning in the hope of finding some Fallow Deer. This is because Paul is having a crack at trying to see as many British Mammals as he can in a year.
We had barely left the cars when Paul said he was sure he had seen a white bird flying fairly low someway off in the distance, but it had disappeared.
Carrying on up the track we disturbed a Buzzard out of the hedgerow, and then a bit further on we were both very pleased to see Pauls bird was in fact a hunting Barn Owl, which came quite close before flying to the wood and landed in a tree.
Other than 3 or 4 more Buzzards and a few Stock Doves we didn't see too much on our way up to the Great Wood.
There were Deer tracks everywhere but we had failed to see any. That was until we reached the old railway line at the top, when peering around the corner we found a group of 5 Fallows all in their winter coat just ambling across the track We were able to watch them for about a minute before they became aware of us and galloped off into the wood.
Some Bullfinches were calling from the wood and a Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming away, but birds were few and far between. A couple more Buzzards and a Kestrel were probably the only things noteworthy.

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