Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Magic Merlin

A walk around Olney Meadows this morning showed the pair of Stonechat were still around the pond area. At the west end in the sheep field, I was surprised to hear the cronking call of a Raven and indeed more so when two took off and headed down river.
A quick look over at Emberton Park revealed 12 Goosander on the sailing lake only 2 of which were drakes.

At lunchtime I stopped off at Ravenstone North End and walked the mile or so down to the Great Wood.
Star of the show was a superb Merlin that I saw almost as soon as I got as I got out of the car. Luckily it circled right round overhead giving me a chance to get a good view.
Within the next couple of hundred yards I had seen 2 Kestrels and 6 Buzzards so quite a raptor hotspot.
10 Bullfinches, 5 Grey Partridges, a Jay, and a Marsh Tit were seen on the way down.
Also I watched a Fox ambling down the side of the Wood, stopping every so often to scent mark the odd clump of grass. Then a Fallow Deer galloped down the side of the field

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