Saturday, 1 October 2011


Working in Lathbury on Thursday I was keeping my eyes open for any signs of migration, but other than quite a few Skylarks and a couple of Yellow Wagtails passing over there didn't seem to be much going on.
However a  bird that just bobbed over my head and seemed to land on the roof of the house certainly attracted my attention - a Wheatear !
 Unfortunately it didn't linger, but surely this warranted a trip to Ravenstone Sewage Works - the local Wheatear hotspot during migration.
 So after work this was where I headed and sure enough the first bird I clapped eyes on was - a Wheatear !
 A further scout around the site revealed another Wheatear plus 5 or 6 Chiffchaffs feasting on the hoardes of Midges at the works, a Buzzard and a couple of Stock Doves but little else..

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