Monday, 3 October 2011

Mediterranean Weather

 Making the most of the unseasonably warm weather Angela, Becky and I took a trip to the coast yesterday.
 Great Yarmouth was the destination- not a place I could cope with for more than a single day at a time, but O.K in small doses and besides it is almost  the nearest you  are to the sea from inland Buckinghamshire.
 As it happened we had a very enjoyable day doing all the things you do at a typical British seaside resort, Funfair, Amusements, Fish and Chips, Ice-cream etc.

 This was not meant to be a birding day but, the bins are always handy and I happened to stumble across some decent birds during the course of the day. Not least the 5 Common Cranes that were flying alongside the A11 near to Snetterton, a Raven near to Lingwood and an Egret that looked too large to be a Little in a field just out of Yarmouth - unfortunately the road was too busy to stop.
 At Yarmouth itself the amount of Mediterranean Gulls was quite impressive, apart from Herrings they seemed to be the most abundant Gull as they scoured the beach on the lookout for any scraps that might have been on offer. I guess there must have been at least a dozen flying around with probably more out on the sea

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