Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bucks Bogey Bird Bagged

Common Scoter is not a rare bird off the coast of Britain and I have seen many thousands. They occur probably every couple of years in inland Buckinghamshire and usually only stay for one day at a time.
 Every time one turns up I usually for one reason or another I am unable to get there to see it - usually due to work and on one occasion being too ill to get out of the house. Even Velvet Scoter is on my county list !
 When news came through of a bird at College Lake on Saturday night -too late to get there before dark I thought here we go again !
 It wasn't reported Sunday or Monday so I assumed my theory of one day wonders had come good again.
 However a text from Paul this morning informed me that it was still around.Luckily I was finishing work early and a quick dash down to the middle of the county had me watching this smart male seaduck before the reserve closed. He never came particularly close, but I wasn't particularly bothered, the monkey is off my back and my next Bucks tick is guarranteed to be something reasonably rare.

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