Sunday, 16 October 2011

Home of Big White birds with Yellow beaks

I didn't visit Gayhurst Quarry this morning as I presumed there would be shooting going on. Looks like I slipped up.

 Instead I opted for a walk around the Willen Lakes.
Here there was an obvious increase in the number of ducks around. Lots of Wigeon, Teal, Tufted, Gadwall and Shoveler, but on the South Lake 2 Goldeneye were unexpected as were the 2 on North Lake - these are definitely a bit early !
 Coot nubers have incresed dramatically with easily a couple of hundred on site, about 100 Mute Swans are on South Lake and at least 50 Great-crested Grebes are spread around. 6 Little Grebes were seen from the hide.

 This afternoon, news came in of 6 Whooper Swans on the Fishing Pit at Gayhurst .Typical !
 Of course I had to go see for myself, and sure enough just up from the footpath 6 adult Whoopers were loafing on the side of the pit.
 I assume these birds have either overshot the Ouse Washes in this mornings fog or have stopped off on their way to the Severn Estuary. It would be fantastic though if it was last years over-wintering bird who had brought five of his friends to stay at the Gayhurst complex for the winter vacation.

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