Thursday, 15 September 2011

Our Secret Mission

Got a text from Paul on Wednesday, saying did I fancy a trip down to the South of the county as a potential' first for Britain' had turned up in a garden in High Wycombe, but don't tell anyone as if the news gets out the place will go ballistic.
 So a mad dash after work with Paul and Nik ensued and we arrived about twenty past six, where five other birders stood on a lawn, intently watching some bird feeders and the word was' Yes it's here'
However somehow it slipped away and we had missed it.
For the next hour until darkness we waited, but it failed to return. How close was that, missing it by probably 5 seconds.
 Our wait though was far from uneventful with a costant stream of low flying Red Kites going off to roost nearby, a couple of calling Tawny Owls and a good number of Pipistrelle Bats that were seen to be emerging from the eaves of the house.

Dissappointed we decided a return visit was necessary and first light Thursday saw us back on site.
This time we were rewarded and almost immediately the local Tit flock appeared including the very smart  AZURE TIT !!!!!  What a cracking bird it was although it didn't hang around long, dashing back into cover the minute it had grabbed a Sunflower seed. Four times in the next half hour it did this and we had to be content with this.
 Shortly after the people in the house came out and kindly invited us in to their kitchen for closer views. We gratefully accepted but in the limited time we had the bird failed to reappear.

Back at work,  a text informed me that the news had been released to the big wide world.
Now the fun will begin. Arguments have already started as to whether it is wild or an escape, whether it is pure or a hybrid. Personally I don't care. I've seen it before the circus gets going. Let them get on with it. It's a lovely bird whatever !

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