Saturday, 3 September 2011

Great White seen in MK Waters !

Tea-time was interrupted tonight, when a text came through of a Great White Egret at Linford. This was too good to miss, so with apologies, I was off.
 Arriving at the surprisingly empty Near Hide, I opened the flaps to see giant white Heron standing on the side of the bund - Nice ! But as I lifted the bins to have a better view it decided to hop behind some vegetation to the other side of the bund. Oh well it will come out in a minute !
 Shortly after Alan Nelson (the finder), Graeme (Imperfect and Tense) Walker and his ' Lass' (sorry don't know your name) came in. They had been in Far Hide while the bird had been on the Near Hide side and had lost patience and come around, only for it to hop back while they were en-route.
After a while I decided I would take a wander around to the Far Hide in the hope of better views. As expected I had just opened the flaps, when it decided to move again. This time however into some trees at the far end of the bund, where I presume it went to roost.
 A fantastic bird for Bucks and although I had some good views they were all too brief.
Lets hope it sticks around..

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  1. Hi, Rob. It was good to meet up and match a face to the keyboard!