Sunday, 25 September 2011

Great White finally on the patch List

My Sunday morning amble around Gayhurst Quarry seemed quite mundane to start with as there seemed to be very little around.
 A couple of Little Grebes, 2 Little Egrets, a dozen Teal and 4 Wigeon were about as good as it got.
However I persevered and carried on around the river where 4 Grey Wagtails were seen on the faster flowing part.
 Under the motorway bridge I spotted a Signal Crayfish and on standing to look noticed there were more. It was interesting to watch their antics, as there were some quite big ones which would disappear down a hole and 2 or 3 smaller ones would rush out. Small skirmishes would take place and it was surprising how quick they would skoot through the water. I must have counted a dozen or more of the little critters - no wonder people come down here to catch them !

A walk up to Quarryhall didn't produce to much on the deck, but there was quite a bit of movement overhead with small flocks of Meadow Pipits, Skylarks and Swallows all heading South.
Looking down over Fishing Pit, a large white bird caught my eye as it pitched down onto the small river. This was surely an Egret, but looked too big to be a Little.
I had to go and check it out, so took a walk up the river. I flushed a Heron and 2 Little Egrets so thought I must have been mistaken, but then a bit further along a larger bird with a huge yellow bill got up. Yes Great White Egret ! so the rumours were true. Brill !
It flew off downstream where I guess is probably where it has been hanging out over the last few weeks, as this is perfect habitat and is out of bounds to the general public.

Another interesting find today was the corpse of a recently deceased Black-headed Gull, that was bearing a ring with the logo ' ZOOL MUSEUM DENMARK '. I'll send off the details and see what comes back. 

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