Sunday, 9 January 2011

Today at the Quarry

I visited Gayhurst Quarry early today.
Lots of small birds around especially in the wood area. The local Tit flock consisting of mainly Greats and Blues, but a few Long-taileds and a couple of Marsh. The Nuthatch is still hanging around as well.
 On Fishing Pit there were 2 redhead Goosanders and the Swan flock were having a wash and brush up before returning to the fields to feed.
The Whooper is still present and below is a record shot, as I'm probably not going to be able to get any closer. As always click it up to see better.

The huge Goose flock is still around and today contained a single Barnacle Goose - probably the one
that was at Caldecotte Lake around Christmas time.
While looking at the Geese I heard a 'peuw' call and looked up to see a V-formation of about 120 Golden Plovers heading up the valley towards Linford.                   
Motorway Pit was as usual packed with Ducks, mainly Mallard and Wigeon, but a few Tufteds, Teal some Coots and a few Great-crested Grebes. Three Little Egrets sat on the bushes on the south side of the lake.

At Quarryhall, the flock of Yellowhammers and Greenfinch is still there.
The Red-legged Partridge cage was empty today, but there were still a few birds hanging around.

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  1. Let's hope the Red-legged Partridge found freedom.