Friday, 14 January 2011

I'll take a Bittern instead then.

As a few people had reported that the Bearded Tits were still at Walton Balancing Lakes and I was working nearby I decided to pop in at lunchtime.
The place was very quiet apart from the odd squealing Water Rail and a few flyover Siskins and most  of  the time was spent trying to turn a few Reed Buntings that flew over the reeds into the aforementioned Beardies.

 I have to say the new screens that have been erected on the end of the boardwalk are in theory a great idea. But please Mr Parks trust the idea of screens and hides is you are supposed to be able to see out of them ( this includes Willen and Stony Stratford ) If I was four foot diddly I would be able to see fine, but as I'm not, my neck still aches. from bending down to see out.

While I was there 3 other birders arrived and an exclamation from the lady among them had me looking across to the middle of the reed bed where a large brown bird was just pitching down into the reeds - A Bittern ! Unfortunately the two other gentlemen there missed it as it was so brief.

I didn't get any sign of the Bearded Tits, but was more than satisfied with the Bittern, my first in the Milton Keynes area for a few years.


  1. Oh yeah you didn't get Bittern last year did you? Nor I for MKUA/Bucks.
    Regards the screens I know what you mean. I'll give Martin a kick at football on Monday - or you could ;-)