Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another 'odd' Canada Goose

A look in at Olney Mill today.
In 'Barwit Bay' a flock of 60 or so Black-headed Gulls loafed on the mudbank with a couple of Commons mixed in. A few Moorhens, a single Coot, a dozen Mallards and a Heron were seen, but it was the flock of 80 or so Canada Geese that took my attention.
 While looking through these, one odd bird stood out. It was slightly smaller, with no white on the breast, the, white on it's face being slightly smaller than the others present.
 This is not the small race Canada Goose that was around for most of last year and years previous ( photos on post of January 30th last year), as that seems to have disappeared with the Barnacle flock that is off on it's winter vacation at present.
I did wonder if this Goose is a hybrid between the small race bird and a standard Canada, but the smaller bird seems to pair up with a Barnacle Goose in the summer months, so have my doubts.

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