Monday, 4 October 2010

Willen and Calverton Today

 I stopped off briefly at Willen North on my way to work at Calverton Today.
The two juvenile Common Terns are still present - I wonder how long they will stay as all of their friends have long since departed to sunnier climes.
 Also 4 Snipe on the spit and quite a large influx of Wigeon since Friday. A Grey Wagtail hung around the dam area.
 At Calverton a few migrants went over during the day, including Skylarks, Pied Wagtails, 3 Mistle Thrushes and a couple of Buzzards.
 I ate my lunch close to the local Rookery and was surprised to see a good deal of the birds in courtship displays. This involved them (presumably the males) soaring around high over the nest site and then just tumbling down out of the sky as if they had lost complete control, only regaining their composure just above the tree tops. Quite spectacular and presumably why these birds are already in residence on their nests early in January.
Loking in at Stony Stratford Nature Reserve tonight, it once again lived up to it's reputation of 'Stony no birds' as a couple of Moorhens and a dozen Mallards were as good as it got.

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