Sunday, 14 March 2010


I never complain about having to visit my Mother-in-law, as this means I get a chance to visit Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire which is conveniently right next door. (you're alright really Chris)

Walking around the pits, a lot of common Ducks - Shoveler,Gadwall, Teal,Mallard and Tufteds Tufted Duck
Tufted Duck
At various points around the reserve, there are bird tables that are regularly topped up. Visitors to these included Great, Blue, Coal and Long-tailed Tits but not the hoped for Willow Tits that are usually seen.
Egyptian Geese are usually quite numerous around the place, but I could only find one today.
I hadn't realised it was ringed until I looked at the photo. If you click on the picture it is even possible to read most of the numbers on it.

Egyptian Goose
Nearer to the visitor centre 2 pairs of Red-crested Pochard were mixing with the local Mallards.

Red-crested pochard

Red-crested Pochard.
At the Visitor Centre it is possible to buy grain to feed the waterfowl. This has resulted in a lot of the birds becoming very human tolerant, including this female Ruddy Shelduck that moved in during last Autumn.

Ruddy Shelduck
I then spent some time in the hides overlooking Clifton Pit.
From the giant hide 2 Oystercatchers, 2 Shelduck, 10 Ruddy Ducks and a few Goldeneye were seen. We were then treated to the sight of a Bittern that flew right across the pit before plopping down into a patch of reeds.
Walking back down the side of the river, which skirts the reserve, around 30 Goosanders were on the main lake, with a few more Goldeneye.

This cheeky chappy seemed quite happy pretending to be a bird.


  1. Rob, I can't find that last one in my bird book. Looks like a tree nester, possibly a Bushytail. Oh, hang on, it could be a Ruddy Squirrel? :o)