Sunday, 14 March 2010

Another Smew near miss !

A dawn trip to Linford failed to find the redhead Smew that had been around all day yesterday. I had been in Northampton doing my mothers day duty, so was unable to get there.
Not a total non event though as walking down the track I had an eyeball to eyeball encounter with a Buck Muntjac, with neither of us wanting to move first. He could obviously see me but couldn't pick up my scent, so stood his ground. In the end it was me who yielded as my time was limited and I wanted to get down to near hide.
From the hide there were lots of Duck, including, Teal, Tufteds, Pochard, Mallard, Gadwall and a few Wigeon. Several Great crested Grebe were present including a pair doing their 'weed dance'. Two Oystercatchers made a fly through appearance, but showed no sign of stopping.

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