Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Summerleys Specials

Summerleys Reserve in Northants seems to have some good birds lately and as I hadn't been for a while I thought I should pay a visit.
Currently Northants is home to no less than 5 Great White Egrets (only 5 more than Bucks), 2 of which were at Summerleys and showing very well. At one point having a bit of a scrap with each other.

Great White Egret
On Mary's Lake the female Long-tailed Duck was found eventually but the male Bearded Tit that showed well the day before was keeping it's head down in the chilly wind.

 The feeding station at Summerleys is very impressive and until recently was somewhere you could guarantee seeing Tree Sparrows as the reserve held a very healthy population.
 But now they seem to have totally disappeared.
The bird tables though are still very popular with a colourful array of Finches, Tits and other species, including a good number of Reed Buntings
male Reed Bunting

male Greenfinch

male Bullfinch

female Bullfinch

male Bullfinch with male Chaffinch


  1. Summer Leys is always worth a visit Rob. Cracking Bullfinches...What a desperate shame that the Tree Sparrows are not around, only temporary ..I hope?? [;o)

  2. Don't think they've been around for a while Trevor. Bit of a mystery.
    I agree those Bullies are absolutely stunning.

  3. Just wish the force-field around Bucks could be taken down, would be nice to get more species like Summerleys (Manor farm to Linford isn't that different and on same river Valley after all).