Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Surprise on the marsh

While on a bit of a stomp around Olney Meadows this lunchtime, mainly hoping to find a Jack Snipe - I did see one Common Snipe -, I had one of them moments when you find yourself in mid-step and have to stop putting your foot down.
 I have a phobia of Snakes and there just under my foot was this sunbathing two foot long Grass Snake.
Even though I am scared of them, I can't help but watch them and managed a few photos before it slithered off into the grass. Unfortunately it's head is partially obscured  but other than that you can see it pretty well.


  1. Nice shot, and find, Rob.
    I bet you're glad you didn't step on him.

  2. Yes Keith. For my sake as much as his !