Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sacred Sunday

Having decided I didn't have time this morning to nip up to Rainham Marshes to try and see the Baillon's Crake that has pitched up there recently, I decided to go for it's less rare cousin the Spotted Crake at a shade closer Stanwick Lakes.
 These birds can be very elusive, and on arrival two guys were already on site. They said they had not seen it, so we spent the next hour carefully scanning across the cut reedbed in the hope it would pop out.
 After this time another guy turned up and said he would try around the corner as looking from another angle would give us more chance. I joined him and we carried on the vigil. Shortly afterwards there was movement in the reeds - not the Crake, but one, and then two Muntjac Deer showed themselves. I hoped they had not scared the Crake further into the reeds, but I need not have worried as suddenly there it was right at the edge of the water pecking away quite happily. Here it remained for five or so minutes giving everyone the chance to admire it before slipping back into the reeds. This is only the third one I've ever seen so I was more than pleased.
 A short time later it repeated the performance so I thought I would go and check out the Sacred Ibis that has been frequenting the site for a month or so.
 Prior to this, this bird had been touring the country and we caught up with it in Norfolk back in June on one of our RSPB trips. It is unringed so is possibly part of the feral population from Southern France.
Sacred Ibis (click on the picture)
 A very enjoyable morning with two very good birds seen. Who knows I may get the chance to go for the Baillon's Crake next week.

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