Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Late !

Well at least this wet weather has allowed me to twitch a few semi-local birds.
For the second time within a week I found myself off to Oxfordshire. After successfully managing to see a Dotterel near Banbury last week, this time I headed to a place called Standlake Meadows just the other side of Oxford.
 Here a small flock of White Storks seemed to have settled since Sunday after being tracked around the country after initially being seen in North Wales.
 There were six birds which is the largest group of birds in Britain for quite some time so I thought them well worth a visit.
 I checked they were still present before I set off and with Paul keeping me informed I was quite hopeful of seeing them.
 However as I arrived on site I met a Guy who was just leaving who uttered those immortal words that every birder dreads to hear 'You've just missed them Mate. They flew off about half an hour ago!'
 This was not all, as they had flown off one of the birds had unfortunately flown into some power lines and had been killed.
 I didn't expect them to return but still decided to take a walk down the banks of the River Thames. The river was badly swollen and wellies were essential.
 Lots of Whitethroats could be heard and a Red Kite drifted over but the Storks did not return.

Just the corpse of the deceased bird to remind us they had been here.

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