Wednesday, 23 May 2012

He must have followed me home. Can we keep him ?

Having seen probably a hundred or more Cattle Egrets in Menorca over the last couple of weeks, it was very much a surprise to receive a text on Saturday morning to say Rob Hill had found one at Manor Farm.
 These birds do seem to be gaining a foothold in Britain but as I hadn't seen one here for a couple of years -oddly enough only a mile or so from where this one had pitched up - I decided to give this one a look.
 Initially I managed to walk past the bird (my excuse is that it must have been down one of the dips in the sheep field !) but I eventually found it feeding out in the open with a small flock of large Gulls, who would occasionally give it a bit of grief.
 This site is looking fantastic at the moment following all the recent rains but unfortunately I didn't have the time to have a decent look around.
 An Egyptian Goose also in the Sheep Field was my first in the county this year.

Cattle Egret

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