Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Quick Hat-trick

Our latest RSPB outing (details later) was an early one (for some anyway) and what with the clocks going forward as well it was barely light when I left home today.
 I didn't have to meet up with Bob on my way to Sandy so I cut across country and travelled the quiet backroads.
 Apart from the odd early rising pheasant and several corvids there wasn't a lot of birdlife to be seen, however a small shape on an roadside wire turned out to be a Little Owl  - nice !
 Further along my journey somewhere near Cople a white bird was flying around the roadside -  a Barn Owl !  -  this gets better.
 The light was gradually improving as I neared the car park at The Lodge and I could see the rest of the group standing around looking at something on the fence nearby.
 To my amazement it turned out to be a half asleep Tawny Owl ! - 3 Owl species in 20 minutes or so ! Wow !!  He was totally unfazed by people standing just yards away taking his picture. In fact when we left shortly after he was still there.

Tawny Owl
 A brilliant start to the day. Was it a sign of things to come ?  Indeed it was !

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