Sunday, 18 March 2012

Probably an escape.

We were up in Notts today and I escaped to wander around Attenborough Nature reserve.

 I was hoping I might bump into a few newly arrived migrants but aside from hearing a couple of singing Chiffchaffs this didn't happen.
 My best find though  was this Ross's Goose on the other side of the river.
It's more than likely an escape as you wouldn't expect them to mix with larger Geese like the Canadas and Greylag it was consorting with.
 All the same a new bird for me and I was quite pleased with it.
Ross's Goose

Ross's Goose
Around the reserve other notable birds were a couple of heard but not seen Cettis Warblers, 2 pairs of Goosander,3 drake and 2 duck Red-crested Pochard, a pair of Shelduck, a Redshank and several Tree Sparrows around the feeding stations.

From one of the bridges it was possible to look over a small Heronry of 3 nests, 2 of which contained Herons and the other surprisingly a duck Mallard who looked like she was sitting on eggs. Sounds risky to me !!


Mallard in Herons nest

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