Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sifting the Willow from the Marsh

I finally took the opportunity to go and look for the Willow Tit that has been seen at the Linford Reserve  for the last couple of months.
 The feeders in front of the Woodland were certainly alive with birds, Chaffinches, a couple of Robins, Blue and Great Tits.
Blue Tit

 There were also 3 candidates for the Willow Tit, but it was certainly difficult to determine which might be it as without hearing them sing it is  tricky to seperate Marsh Tit from Willow Tit.
 I was looking for a pale wing panel, whiter area around the neck and the lack of a light area on the upper mandible. But this was proving practically impossible as the birds were only making fleeting visits to the feeders, so I decided the best option was to take photos and then study them when I got home.
 I believe I did see both Marsh and Willow Tit and below are my pics. to back this up.
Marsh Tit
Willow Tit

 It was also a productive area for mammals with a Muntjac wandering through the undergrowth a couple of Squirrels feeding on the spilt seed under the feeders and a couple of Bank Voles that had set up home in the wood pile in front of the hide.
Grey Squirrel

Bank Vole

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