Sunday, 8 January 2012

Local Celebrity

Few North Bucks birders will not have bumped into Pinky. He or she is the presumed escaped Pinkfooted Goose that roams around with the local Greylags.

For at least 10 years this rather cute fellow has been seen at Willen, Caldecotte, Gayhurst Quarry and Manor Farm to name a few sites often causing a flutter of excitement that this is a genuine wild bird.

Some summers he is seen in the company of a single Greylag but no hybrid youngsters have as yet been seen.


  1. It's a fine looking goose Rob.

    One thing I can never understand though, is why some people assume this and other 'oddities' are escapees. Any idea what this is based on?

  2. Probably Keith because it shows no signs of heading back North in Spring and it really is quite tame, although it could have learned about humans and bread from the Greylags.