Monday, 12 December 2011

Tring Ressies

There is a theory amongst Buckinghamshire birders that a force field exists around the county that prevents most decent birds from entering the county.
 I took a trip up to the Tring Reservoirs today and have to say that I can only add to this presumption.
All of the reservoirs are yards inside the Hertfordshire border with the exception of Startops, where the Bucks/Herts boundary actually bisects the water body.
 First good bird I encountered was a Water Pipit on the spit on Wilstone, then a juvenile Brent Goose in the field behind. The lagoon in the south west corner held the wintering family of 2 adult and 2 juvenile Bewicks Swans. All 3 species within a couple of hundred yards of Bucks and the first 2 I have yet to see within my adopted county.
 An entry in the hide logbook informed of a Snow Bunting back at Startops - it couldn't be in the Bucks section could it ?!!
 Of course not ! Apparently it had been in the Herts section and although it had been reported as down to 40 metres from Bucks the 'field' had kept it out.
 I didn't actually see this bird anyway, but a pair of Red-crested Pochard were nice (both in Herts) and around 80 Corn Buntings coming into roost in the reedbed on Marsworth were brilliant  and whats more they were Buckinghamshire birds. A single Shelduck and a couple of hundred Golden Plover back on Wilstone made up the best of the rest.

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