Monday, 19 December 2011

Still no Snow in Bucks.

With a very wet day forecast, I decided to make opt out of work today and make a return trip up to Startops Reservoir as last weeks Snow Bunting was still around and on occasion had even ventured into the Buckinghamshire section.
 It was still fine if overcast when I got there and whatsmore there were a handful of birders on the shore  obviously looking at something.
 Sure enough it was the very handsome first winter male Snow Bunting pecking around on the exposed shoreline. There was only one problem it was about 50 yards into Hertfordshire. Oh Well I could wait, surely it would wander my way.
 Over the course of the next couple of hours this lovely little bird teased by moving up and down the waters edge, but never getting closer than ten yards from the county line.
 With the rain gathering in intensity a chap and his two young children then decided to take a wander along the shore unfortunately spooking the Bunting further into Herts.
 I had to admit defeat once again and wait for my first Bucks Snow Bunting. It's not that important as it was a very nice bird to see all the same.

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