Sunday, 6 November 2011

Super Squacco and Smew surpass Slav and Snowbunt

(Sorry Carolyn couldn't resist)

 Having to work Saturday and visit Mum-in-law on Sunday meant I had to miss out on two Bucks ticks this weekend ! A Slavonian Grebe was at Little Marlow and a Snow Bunting turned up on Ivinghoe Beacon.

 However consolation was there was a Squacco Heron at Attenborough Nature Reserve, within walking distance of the wife's mothers.
 Luckily this was easy to find as it had stayed loyal to a particular spot on the River Erewash underneath a railway bridge.
 It was quite unperturbed by all the attention it was getting, although as usual the guys with the long lenses were getting as close as they possibly could. If your lens is that good surely there's no need you tossers !
 This was only the second Squacco I have seen in this country, but it was far the most confiding and gave great views until 3 local yobbos decided it was a good idea to ride their mini-motorbike down the river -wtf ??!!.
Squacco Heron

 It was then that decided to look around the rest of the reserve. I had heard there was a female Smew around and amazingly I managed to find this on the main lake - a very early bird. A female Goosander was also my first of the Winter and say it quietly but there was also a female duck of the kind that has almost been culled out of existence. I won't say it's name in case Defra are listening.

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  1. I think I'll order the trophy now - how would you like it inscribed? No seriously an amazing effort that deserves recognition! (Malcom says - '..and I thought you weren't competitive!!')