Monday, 21 November 2011

Great Bird, Rubbish Photo.

I've been on a run of dipping all the birds I've been going to see just recently. The Snow Bunting on Ivinghoe Beacon - a day too late !, Desert Wheatear at Holme - a day too late ! Slavonian Grebe at Little Marlow you guessed it a day too late !
 So when news of a Great Northern Diver showing up at nearby Caldecotte Lake came through last Wednesday and I was unable to nip out of work I expected the worst.
 Luckily I managed to pop out before work Thursday and to my surprise the bird was still present in the small shallow bay in the eastern end of the North Lake.
 As with all Divers this bird spent most of the time underwater, but when it was up it was sometimes less than ten yards away from where I stood, allowing for a good look at it's intricate plumage.
 I have added a dreadful photo of the bird (hopefully I can get back for a better effort when I have more time as it still remains today.) Excellent photos can be seen on Keith's Holding Moments blog - just click on the link to the right of this post.

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  1. It is a cracking bird isn't it Rob.

    Thanks for the mention too.