Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Winter/Spring overlap

 As it would happen I was working at Hardmead Rectory this morning. Unfortunately there was no sign of yesterdays Hoopoe, but lots of other goodies were around.
 A pair of both Grey and Red-legged Partridges in the field outside, the usual Little Owl in the nest tree, a Raven that called as it thermalled overhead. Stock Doves are nesting in the log-pile, Goldcrests called from the conifers along with Coal Tits, Mistle Thrushes and Blackcaps.
 Now it seems that Nik Maynard was out and about today as a succession of texts came through of him seeing Osprey, Black Tern, Waxwings and a Ring Ousel.
 My lunchtime was limited, but I figured I had time to at least look in at Willen. Parking opposite the BMX track, I met Nik just as he was leaving and he advised that the Black Tern was still present. Indeed it was, and a full summer plumaged adult at that. It was dip-feeding over the lake keeping company of 4 or 5 Common Terns.
 Having seen the Tern so easily I decided to push on to Tongwell, where Nik had given me exact directions to the tree the Waxwings were in. Just as well as I could easily have overlooked them..At least 6 of them ( Nik had seen 8) were sitting in a Poplar tree absolutely silent. Strange to see them in sitting in amongst the foliage.
 An odd day today Waxwings and a Black Tern within five minutes of each other. What will tomorrow bring ?

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