Monday, 18 April 2011

Oh How Annoying !

Well not quite my words tonight.
I had been working at Calverton today, so I thought I would stop off at Manor Farm on my way home.
I had just about got to the main pit and started to scan around, but other than a solitary Lapwing in the way of wader type birds and no sign of any Yellow Wagtails I had seen nothing, when my phone rang. It was Angela to say that Paul Nye who lives 7 houses away from us had just found a HOOPOE in  our next door but ones garden ! and it was now on the roof of their house.
 Well it was one of those occaisions when every traffic light is against you and there are traffic jams in places where there aren't usually, but I managed to get home by five to 6, although a text had come through at a quarter to, to say the bird had flown up towards the churchyard.
 I spoke to Paul who said he wasn't sure if it had landed or not, but I spent the next half an hour or so looking around the rectory with no success.
 This has to be THE one that got away ! If only I hadn't decided to stop at Manor Farm ! More annoying was the fact that Chris saw the Blue-headed Wagtail there again tonight, a sub-species I have yet to see in the county.
 Even more annoying was the fact that Birdguides reported that the Hoopoe was present in the rectory garden prior to 6:30 when I'm pretty sure it wasn't!

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  1. Better luck next time with the BHW@MF Rob, I arrived not long after six and the Yellow Wagtail flock was 'wandering' about the large sloped field to the west of the site. Definitely a London Bus species, once you pick up one then ten, twenty, thirty appear including the Blue Head then its a case of follow the leader till they settle. Conditions look ideal again today.