Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Goose with a bad leg and a Wol

As I was in Bedford today I decided to take a look at Hundred Acre Pit, near Priory Park, as a few interesting Geese had been seen there recently.
 A reasonable sized flock of Canadas and Greylags was spread around the site and on scanning through I soon picked out the juvenile Whitefront that has been around since Saturday. It was reported to have a bad leg and it became obvious whenever it tried to move that it just pitched  forward, so I'm guessing that it's broken. However other than that it seemed in perfect health and was feeding contentedly.
 I couldn't find any Pinkfeet or Egyptians, but other wildfowl included Mallard, Tufteds, Pochard, Gadwall and Wigeon. Also a couple of Great-crested and 7 Little Grebes.

 On the way home I decided to drive around the back road to the village. I thought it was probably too early for Owls, but as I drove past one roadside tree, a Little Owl sat brazenly out on a branch.
 Expecting it to fly off, I reversed back and stopped alongside, even managing to take a photo before it departed.

Little Owl

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