Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Back to proper birding

It was back to birding as it should be today. No hassle getting to where I wanted to be, no entrance fee and proper birds.
 O.K Gayhurst Quarry doesn't sound as glamorous as the London Wetland Centre, but I know where I'd rather go.

 The Swan flock has diminished somewhat, but the Whooper is still part of the 40 or so that remain, and even these had relocated to a field near Quarryhall Farm.. The Goose flock has also shrunk, with only about a hundred  Greylags and Canadas.
 Wigeon and Mallard are the most numerous duck, with a couple of hundred of each. Tufteds came in at about a hundred but Pochard, Teal and Gadwall only reached single figures.
 Five Little Egrets were seen, also a flock of around 90 Lapwings.
Spring is certainly on the way, as a new arrival in the form of an Oystercatcher on the main island of motorway pit was a nice surprise.

Up at Quarryhall there were very few small birds to be seen , but 2 or 3 Tree Sparrows mingled with the small Chaffinch flock.

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