Friday, 17 December 2010

Reward for doing my Duty 2

I nipped  in to Tongwell at lunchtime to see what was about. The answer was the usual Mallards, Wigeon, Shovelers,Gadwall, Pochards and Tufteds. Plus Canada Geese, Mute Swans and a few Coots, Great-crested Grebes, Moorhens and Black-headed and Common Gulls.
Just as I was leaving, I noticed this Mallard with some rather natty headgear.
 Somehow it had managed to get a piece of plastic - the sort that holds 4 cans together - stuck on it's head.
 Luckily a Lady came along with  some bread to feed the ducks, so I managed cadge some off of her and entice it close enough to catch it.
 I was able to remove it luckily as a strip of plastic was keeping it's beak open and stopping it swallowing anything other than small fragments. He was able to fly off none the worse for his experience other than the loss of a few feathers when I grabbed hold of him.
 My reward for my 'good deed' was almost instant as I decided to check the White-berried Sorbus trees around the corner in Bessemer Court.
 Six birds flew in and started feeding up, all of them Waxwings. Magic !
4 of the 6 Waxwings


  1. Well done Rob. I hate to see birds suffer, especially when it is unavoidable like that.

  2. Good work Rob. It annoys me when people are so careless of how they discard their rubbish.

  3. Thanks Guys. I'm sure he's feeling a lot better today.

  4. It's lucky you were there. Well done.