Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Blackwits on Ice

I had a bit of work snow clearing today at Great Linford.
This turned out to be one of my best local birding mornings in quite some time.
While actually working I looked up to see a flock of around 25 birds fly slowly over. Unbelievably yet more Waxwings.
 So when I had finished I decided to do a bit of a drive around to try and find them.
I had no luck there, but I did spy a flock of small birds feeding in a nearby Silver Birch. Going through them carefully, I identified around 20 Siskin, 10 Lesser Redpoll and one that was spot on for a Meally Redpoll.
Slightly larger, much 'icier' plumage, a very white wing-bar and what I consider clinched it for me, a very pale patch above the eye.

 I continued on to Tongwell Lake, where very few birds were present as only a very small unfrozen patch remained.
Coots, Mallards, a few Wigeon, just the one Shoveler, a Little Grebe and an assortment of Black-headed and Common Gulls.
 But I was then forced to do a double-take.
Surely they weren't Black-tailed Godwits standing on the ice! An unusual bird in Buckinghamshire at the best of times, but in December !, at Tongwell Lake !, standing on the ice !
 Sure enough there they were , 2 of them, not more than 30 yards away.

Black-tailed Godwits
All too soon they realised their mistake and were off in the direction of Blakelands. The photo is another one of them, there record shots, but click on it twice to see that they were there.
 I continued my Waxwing hunt around Giffard Park, not finding Waxwings, but another Redpoll flock, this time about 50 birds, but they were spooked before I got the chance to look through them.


  1. Great morning Rob.
    Cracking find of the Black-tailed Godwits.

  2. Agreed, great couple of finds today mate. Hope the 'Mealy' sticks around.