Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Stopping for a Chat (or two)

Acting on a whim I stopped the car while driving along the Gayhurst to Weston Underwood Road and decided to do a quick scan along the hedgeline and wheatfields either side.
 I noticed a small bird about a hundred yards away sitting up on top of the corn. My immediate thought was it's a Chat of some sort. I had to get nearer to be certain, so I edged my way up the side of the hedge.
As I made my way up, birds were coming out of the hedge everywhere, these were Linnets, Reed Buntings and Yellowhammers in the main.
 As I got closer to my target bird, I saw another bird flycatching from the top of the hedge - this was a Chat - a juvenile Stonechat- not the one I was expecting.
 Luckily when I was nearer the bird I had originally seen was  a beautiful female Whinchat, my hunch being correct.

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