Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Fine 'Start'

At first I thought I'd made a bad decision to visit Ravenstone Sewage Works this lunchtime.
First off the tanker arrived to take away some of the sludge - that's sure to scare off the birds!
Then I got to the Wheatear Bank to see a guy setting up a Long Net to catch Rabbits on the left of the track- well that'll scare off the birds!
I looked to the right of the track. Well it's quiet here.... Oh hang on what's that chasing that Rabbit? Oh flip, it's a Stoat. The Rabbit disappeared down a hole, followed by the Stoat. A couple of other Rabbits chased the Stoat but didn't go down the hole. Well that's probably scared off any birds on this side.
I carried on down to the works where there was predictably very little to be seen other than a Grey Wagtail, a Pied Wagtail a few Reed Buntings and a few more Swallows than of late.
Feeling that was a waste of a visit I walked back up the track, but decided to take one last look across the bank to the right. It was then that I noticed a bird on the side of the furthest bush. It flew down and picked up an insect and went back to the same perch. I quickly put my scope onto it and was delighted to see a splendid male Redstart as it made several flycatching flights up into the air from the bush and a nearby fencepost. I left when it retreated under the bush where I had initially seen it.

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