Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Stockgrove Country Park

I hadn't visited this site for a few years and I think it might be a few more before I go back.
 It is now known as Rushmere Country Park or something
A couple of automatic barriers greet you at the entrance to the car park and they now expect £2 to park. Conveniently all the outside parking has been removed.
 The café is closed - not sure if permanent or just for the winter.

Now one of the main reasons people visit this place is to feed the ducks, mainly a few Mallards but mostly the large number of Mandarins that used to live on the lake.
 Having reached the said water body deep into the woods I was surprised to see numerous signs advising people not to feed the ducks and giving various reasons as to why,supposedly for the benefit of other wildlife.
 But guess what,  no Mandarins ! a few years ago there were over a hundred here at this time of year
 Talk about killing the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. If you  want to turn this place into a commercial venture you need a few attractions e.g. a café and some very attractive waterfowl. What's more to have the cheek to charge for It !.

 The usual woodland birds are still plentiful though and a handful of seed placed on some fence posts brought them down close ( oh should I have done that ?!  well chop my hands off and beat me with a big stick !!!!!)



Mrs Blackbird

Coal Tit

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  1. Wow Can't believe there are no Mandarins there!! I haven't been for a long time (like you) but was always great to see them and the tits and nuthatch on the posts (always used to be loads of food on the fence posts!).

    Excellent photos by the way.