Wednesday, 27 February 2013

In the Presence of Royalty

She may not look anything other than ordinary but this Mute Swan is a princess.

I know this because it says so on her leg.
On an otherwise unremarkable wander around Willen Lakes a group of Swans clambered out onto the bank. One I noticed had two metal rings, one on each leg. The one on the right was a standard BTO ring. But the one on the left simply bore the words  DYERS ROYALTY

This would be due to it being rung on the River Thames during the annual Swan Upping Ceremony.
There are two groups who carry this out, The Worshipful Company of Vigntners and  The Worshipful Company of Dyers.
 I have sent in the details of the other ring in to the BTO and wait to hear the full details of where and when the bird was ringed.


  1. Rung on the Thames - sounds like the Worshipful Company of Campanologists :)