Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some Menorcan Insects

A few pics of the insect life of Menorca. I'm afraid I don't know some of them so any help would be gratefully accepted
clouded yellow

wall brown
crimson Speckled moth

Small Copper

Bath White
This moth must have been 5 or 6 inches across. It loked as though it had been attacked by a bird
Blue of some sort


  1. Hi Rob - the small moth is a Crimson Speckled - much sought after migrant in the UK.

  2. Hi Rob, Great variety of 'flutter' images.

    I reckon, or rather my book does!!, that the 2nd image is of a Wall Brown (lasiommata megera paramegera) and the 'Marbled White' is in fact a Bath White (pontia daplidice). Sorry no luck on the large moth and the small blue.

    Hope this helps...[;o)

    Please can you kill the word varification, 'cause it's a pain!! ta.

    1. Cheers Trevor, What threw me with the Wall Brown is that it's a bit different to the one we get here.
      Word varification ? I wwould if it I knew what it was.

    2. Hi Rob, Here's a link to a blog that has a tutorial explaining how to disable word varification...hope it helps!! (I just picked it up randomly from the web!)

  3. The large moth ought to be a Giant Peacock Moth - Europe's largest moth, but if it is it has lost all its scales, apart from the 'eyes', as the brown colouration looks nothing like the usual pretty markings.

    1. Thanks Adam, I'll go for the Crimson Speckled, but you're right not sure about the Giant Peacock.