Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Still Quiet on the Birding Front

June and early July have always been quiet months regarding birds, especially in inland counties like Buckinghamshire. This year seems worse than ever, but at least there are a few interesting insects to look at.
When I came back from Mallorca I commented that there seemed to be an abundance of Hummingbird Hawk Moths over there, and wondered if we were in for an invasion year. It seems we could be, as a lot of people are reporting them lately and I have seen 3 myself in the last week including 2 together this morning. They are incredibly difficult to photograph as they are so active, but here are a few of my efforts. Click on the photos to see more details including the incredibly long proboscis.

I also came across this gathering of Green-veined and Small White Butterflies on the edge of a dried up pond.I haven't seen this many together for twenty years or so.

1 comment:

  1. Great captures of the moth Rob.

    Quite a gathering of butterflies. The butterfly ball perhaps?