Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Back at Gayhurst

Today's predicted rain finally arrived mid-afternoon, so as I had been neglecting my patch lately I spent a couple of hours at Gayhurst Quarry.
 Nothing much had changed, the regulars - Drakey Wigeon (who seems content to stay on Fishing Pit even though others of his kind are now frequenting Motorway Pit), the 2 Polish Swans and Humbug - the surviving stripey headed young Great-crested Grebe, were all present.
 Ducks were seen in the form of around 30 Teal, a dozen Gadwall, 20 Wigeon, a couple of Pochard, a single Tufted and the 300 or so young cannon fodder Mallards.
 While I stood near the feeding point these Mallards were quite content to gather around my feet, along with a brave Wigeon that has cottoned on to the free food. It seems quite peverse how trusting these birds are, when in a few weeks people will be blasting them out of the sky - if they can get them to fly in the first place !
I'm not against hunting, but this isn't sport is it ? shooting tame birds.
 Other birds of note were 2 Little Egrets, the first Common Gull of the winter, a Grey Wagtail, a Jay and a flock of around a hundred House Martins, along with a few Swallows.

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