Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Gayhurst Pits - Tuesday

A walk round late afternoon showed up my first 'autumn' Common Sandpiper of the year on Fishing Pit.
Young birds were everywhere with noisy Kingfishers on Motorway Pit and even noisier Green Woodpeckers around the wood. The Common Terns on the main island seem to have disappeared but at least 8 pairs with young of all sizes are  still on the flat island.
 The young Swans are interesting,- the pair on motorway pit have 4 young, 3 being the normal grey and one being pure white. - the pair on the Reedy Pit have 4 grey cygnets and also one pure white.
 One juvenile Grey Wagtail was by the weir and up at Quarryhall 4 male Yellow Wagtails were looking after several juveniles. I presume the females are on a second clutch

 An interesting sighting was a Signal Crayfish that was walking along the bottom of the river

                                          female Banded Damoiselle

                                               Large Skipper

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